hCG Complex High-Quality hCG Drops

hCG drops have been refined through the years so that critics have no more negative things to say about it. A lot of people have been put off because critics have been spouting words that hCG drops do not contain the real hCG hormone.

That myth is long gone and there are actually a lot of hCG drop products out there that not only contain the true hormone, but it also is an all-natural supplement as well, with no damaging additives.

One such hCG drop product is called the hCG Complex. The hCG complex is an all-natural hCG supplement that helps you lose weight. Of course, you have to still eat 500-calories of foods per day, but you do not need to inject yourself with the hormone since the hCG drops are a non-intrusive solution.

What can you expect from this product?

  • This product helps you quickly burn fat
  • 100% All Natural ingredients with no harmful additives
  • No Harmful side-effects
  • It provides step-by-step instructions
  • Works with either the 500-calorie, 800, and 1200 calorie protocols

There are also high-quality ingredients that are proven to not only help you lose weight, but give you a lot of energy as well. Here are the complete ingredient list and their added benefits:

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG)– Burn Excess Fat

Arginine– Protect Muscle

L-Carnitine– Burn fat and Energy

L-Leucine– Promotes lean muscle growth

Nat Phos Cell Salts– Balance pH levels in the body

Panax Quinquefolium– Gives Energy

Fucus Vesiculosus– Burns extra fat

Ornithine– Protects muscle

Vitamin B12– More energy

L-Glutamic Acid– Further strengthens muscles

Mag Phos Cell Salts– Also Balances pH levels

With a host of ingredients that can really propel your fat-burning powers to new heights, let’s see what customers have to say:

Barbara: With HCG I lost 20 pounds…I have not been at this weight for ten years and I plan to stay here because I have learned what my body needs to maintain a healthy weight.”

Priscilla: “I’ve lost 23 pounds without much effort and I’ve kept the weight off. Since I started the HCG diet I noticed a significant loss of inches almost immediately, and weight loss from the first day. There were mornings when I thought my scale was broken. I was losing 1-2 pounds a day. I never had any side effects. This has allowed me to taste success, and I never want to go back to my previous weight.”

Steve: “I lost 15lbs (3% Bodyfat) in 3 weeks with hCG Complex and have kept it off without losing any muscle or strength. I followed the diet consistently along with some of the recipes as recommended, and the results have been amazing. My friends were so envious of my results that many of them have also started using hCG Complex. It has been 6 years since I had a six-pack and now its back. I have been a competitive Bodybuilder for years and wish I would have had hCG drops back when I started. You’re never too old to lose that weight and get in the best shape of your life. With these results I will absolutely keep using hCG Complex.”

If you want to buy the hCG Complex, you can avail of their bundles so that you can save more money. Their 4-bottle bundle only costs $173. If you just want to have one bottle, it is priced at $69.95.

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