Playstation 4.5 Rumored To be Released This October?

Just when we thought that we will hear more about the Sony Playstation 4.5 this coming E3, someone just dropped a big information about the rumored game console right before the event.

An insider from Sony said that the Playstation 5 will likely be disclosed in E3 2016 but the Playstation 4.5, which is now being rumored to be released soon, is actually going to be released this year.

The insider said that the Playstation 4.5 will be released along with its VR headset this coming October. Sony will probably confirm the news at E3 and it will also tease us about the successor of the Playstation 4.

The Playstation 4.5 is rumored to have an upgrade in specs. This includes a beefier graphics processing unit (GPU) that can handle graphic-intensive games and it also has support for 4K resolution videos and games.

Aside from that, the new Playstation 4.5 will have VR support and it will be fully compatible with the VR headset that will be releasing in the same month.

According to rumors, the new Playstation 4 will have a higher clock speed and it will also have a higher memory bandwidth to support even the most graphically demanding games. As to the actual specs, it still remains to be seen.

It is still unclear if the upcoming game console will have an eight-core or quad core processor. If it is an octa-core processor, it will probably be the new Jaguar processing unit with clock speeds of 2.1GHz and it is also rumored to be using the new GDDR5 video memory standard.

If it is using a quad-core processor, it might have a higher clock speed to address the increasing demand for higher graphics.

The internal storage of the Playstation 4.5 will also be beefed up. Rumor says that it will come in with a 2TB storage drive, but other storage variants will probably be available as well.

This new internal storage is much faster and it might even be as fast as a modern computer SSDs.

Now, if every piece of information I’ve written so far were to be true, you’re probably wondering if the Playstation 4.5 will be an entirely new game console, rendering your old PS4 games useless.

Well, according to Giant Bomb, a group that has been scouring information about the upcoming Sony game console, said that that will be unlikely.

Your PS4 games will still work with the new game console and new games for it will be very good in terms of graphics to really improve your gaming experience.

Now, why is Sony busy working on a Playstation 4.5 rather than an entirely new game console like, say, Playstation 5?

According to Giant Bomb, it will be nearly impossible for them to develop and release a new Playstation at this time and the company is still waiting for better specs to put in the PS5.

So, they just beefed up the current PS4 and called it PS4.5 or NEO. The PS4.5 is made for an enhanced VR experience with its proprietary VR headset kit.

I hope that they will finally announce the entire spec sheet of the Playstation 4.5 this coming E3 2016.